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The Relationship Bridge consists of a series of 5 videos which build into a comprehensive approach to achieving confidence and self-worth and a positive approach to creating and sustaining a loving, inter-dependent relationships.  You can also take part in 5 live group coaching calls (recordings will be available in the member area).

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ONE TIME OFFER ONLY $17: Confidence Building Audio Series: Being confident and knowing you can achieve is not about ability, but is a state of mind. Creating that state of mind and developing a belief in yourself is entirely possible. The CD uses a range of tried and tested techniques to help you silence that niggle voice in your head, empowering you so you can do your very best. Like all things, it will best if you are committed t achieving your goal and if you practice the exercises on a regular basis.

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Some of the Feedback we received...

"You have helped me to not only maintain but strengthen my focus and resolve on both a professional and personal level.

I would like take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance that you have provided me with in recent months.

Through your coaching sessions you have helped me to not only maintain but strengthen my focus and resolve on both a professional and personal level. As you know, life holds many exciting challenges for me and you have helped me to view those forthcoming challenges with a fresh perspective; the net result of this has been greater efficiency and a sense of no task is beyond me,

I look forward to continuing to work with you as I believe that we have only “scratched the surface” in terms of potential. I would strongly recommend that anyone with ambitions for the New Year, big or small consult you for some coaching as the benefits are huge.”

-- Gavin --

Gina is truly remarkable – quite simply she saved my life

Gina is truly remarkable – quite simply she saved my life and I do not exaggerate that in any way. I knew Gina, although we had never met personally and as yet still haven’t, through my work running a ‘virtual’ office from home.

Without going into detail at the beginning of the year a number of changes occurred the effects of which were to rip my life as I’d known it to shreds. I neither chose nor wanted any of these sudden changes.

It’s not been easy, choosing to learn from what has happened can be uncomfortable, painful and sad, but with Gina’s help and support it’s possible. We all know that bad things happen to everybody all the time, in my particular case it was the sheer number of things that happened so quickly that brought to my knees, literally.

I knew I needed help and that help, in the form of Gina, found me just at the right moment. I am so strong now and I have learnt so much about myself – some nice, and some not so nice.

But the journey has been and still is fascinating.
Gina is so kind, never judgemental; she holds a safe space where you can be open and honest.
Gina pushes when pushing is needed, supports when support is needed but she gets you there and you never feel like you’re battling along on your own.

You will make changes, you will be better.”
-- Nina Robbinson --
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